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South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyer

Drinking and Driving is Crazy! Driving, Driving and Texting or Videoing? #EpicFail

Every driver should know just how dangerous it is to drink and drive. In addition, drivers should all appreciate how easily texting or being distracted by a smartphone can lead to severe crashes. Unfortunately, some people fail to care about the safety of themselves or ...

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North Charleston Back Injury Attorney

What Causes Back Pain?

Millions of Americans live with back pain every day. Back pain can take a significant toll on your life, and many others may not understand just how much you can suffer because of a back injury. Our personal injury law firm has seen firsthand just ...

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The REAL cost of an injury

The REAL Costs of Personal Injuries

If another person causes an accident and you suffer serious injuries, you may require a significant amount of medical treatment to recover fully. The law gives you the right to request compensation for your medical costs and other losses from the responsible party. However, the ...

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North Charleston Jackknife

What is a Jackknife Accident and Why Do They Happen?

Jackknife accidents are a type of accident that can happen to vehicles that are “articulated,” which means that they are made up of multiple segments that are connected by a moveable joint. When an articulated vehicle jackknifes, the segments fold against each other in a ...

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How much money can I get for a car accident?

How Much Money Can I Get for a Car Accident?

If you have been injured in a car accident, you are probably wondering how much compensation you are going to be able to recover. This is only natural, as you are likely dealing with significant medical expenses and car repair bills – all while being ...

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