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Many South Carolinians, especially those in the Charleston area, like to enjoy a day on the water in their boats. However, a day out can turn dangerous or deadly in a hurry when someone makes a simple mistake. You may be entitled to financial compensation if someone else’s actions caused your boat accident injuries. To learn more about your legal rights and how much you could be due in a lawsuit, reach out to Frank Hartman and his team at The Hartman Law Firm, LLC.

Common Causes of Boat Accidents

South Carolina is seventh in the country in per capita boat ownership. Our state is home to over 500,000 registered watercraft.

With how many crafts use our waterways year-round, one does not have any room for error when operating a boat.

Common causes of boating accidents in Charleston, SC include:

  • Excessive speed
  • Crashing into a pier or jetty
  • Running over debris in the water
  • Wake-cutting
  • Operator inattention
  • Operator and experience
  • Drunk boating
  • Improperly maintain boats
  • Defective boats or parts
  • Boating in inclement weather

You could be entitled to financial compensation when you can prove that someone else was negligent in the events before a boat crash. To do so, you need to provide evidence that shows what the person or party did and how it departed from the standard of care. No matter the cause of a serious boating accident, Frank is prepared to investigate as soon as you hire him and his team.

Why You Need a Boat Accident Lawyer

Boat accident lawsuits can be complex and complicated. Even after you figure out who was to blame for the accident, you are dealing with an insurance company and or a corporate defendant.

At the same time, you could be entitled to a considerable amount of compensation from another party. You need that money. You should also never leave anything to chance. Covering all your bases includes hiring an experienced boating accident lawyer who has a track record of getting successful results for their clients.

After representing accident victims throughout Charleston, Frank knows there is little that a boating crash victim can do on their own. You are likely dealing with a serious personal injury. Your challenges are compounded by the fact that the legal process can be skewed against you if you do not have anyone on your side who can level the playing field. That’s where Frank can come in.

Potentially Liable Parties in a Boat Accident

Many people or entities could be held legally responsible for your boat accident injuries. The most common defendant in a boat accident lawsuit is the owner of the other boat that was involved in a collision with you.

Because that is not the only cause of boating accident injuries, there may be other potential defendants, including:

  • The operator of the boat you were on
  • The owner of the marina
  • The governmental entity responsible for piers or marking the water
  • The manufacturer of the boat, if there is an issue of product liability involved
  • A third party hired to inspect or maintain the boat
  • A tour operator or charter boat company

As your lawyer, Frank will investigate the circumstances of the accident and help determine everyone who shares the blame and who you may be able to sue in a court case.

Damages in a Boat Accident Lawsuit

If you can prove that someone else was the cause of your boat accident injuries, you would then become entitled to financial compensation from them. Your boat accident compensation could include:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Embarrassment and humiliation
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Punitive damages, if warranted

What to Do After a Boat Accident

There are two types of professionals that you need on your side working for you after a boat accident.

The first is the doctors who will diagnose your injury and help put you on the road to recovery to the fullest extent possible. You cannot afford to delay medical care, and you must follow all of your physicians’ recommendations.

The second is an experienced boat accident lawyer who will advocate and fight for you to get money when you deserve it. As a native of this region, he knows how to navigate the courts and stand up for injured Charlestonians. He’s been successful since The Hartman Law Firm, LLC opened back in 2011.

Contact Our Charleston Boating Accident Lawyer Now

You cannot afford to wait to hire an experienced boat accident attorney after you have been injured on the water. Time is money, as your case could be compromised over time if you wait.

Call The Hartman Law Firm, LLC today to speak with Frank or a member of his team. We will review your case during a free initial consultation, where we will learn the facts and explain your legal options. To schedule an appointment with our attorney, you can message us through our website or call us today at 843.300.7600.

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