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Foreclosure Attorney

Foreclosure Attorney

A foreclosure in America is the ultimate nightmare for the average homeowner. The first thing to do when you face foreclosure is to learn about everything that will affect your case. You want to know how best to fight foreclosure and obtain notices about the process and pending legal action.

Types of foreclosure cases

  • Non-judicial - These cases move quickly because they do not involve the court system. The process is different in various states and may typically include selling the home at an auction.
  • Judicial foreclosure – The case has to go through all legal channels to respond to the lawsuit. The bottom line is that the judge will ask the lender to reclaim the possession of the home. It is possible to dismiss the case with the competent help of an attorney.

Should you consult an attorney?

It is best to move fast when you receive a foreclosure notice. In most cases, it is better to hire foreclosure law firms instead of a housing counselor. We use your circumstances to guide you by applying for a mortgage to have a better chance of saving the home. The foreclosure lawyer also helps you get the right documents and account for ways to make better interest rates.

When do you need our foreclosure attorney?

Do you want to consider enlisting our attorney for foreclosures? We can swiftly swing the odds to your favor within a narrow window of time as per the state law legal requirement. It is best to hire us within 30days of receiving the foreclosure warning.

Reasons you need a foreclosure lawyer

Foreclosure cases do not have rigid outcomes. You have the best chance of success when you use our service to get insight into different resolutions.

Repayment options

The foreclosure attorney knows the entire landscape of the judgment. We help you prevent pitfalls and increase the chances of saving the home with the best course of action. We should find ways of modifying the bankruptcy repayment to understand the benefits of downsides of each option.

Conference settlement

Do you live in a state that mandates conferences? We attend them on your behalf and find favorable negotiation terms to reach the best alternate solution. Using an attorney gives you the advantage of using full knowledge to direct the foreclosure agreement.

Pursue mitigation

Some loan mitigation options allow you to stay in the current payment plan with only slight modification. We let you know all options available so you can approach the situation with a better financial advantage. Some mitigation procedures involve identifying blockages and unfair lending practices. The foreclosure defense attorney must use the dozen of strategies in place to postpone foreclosure or dismiss the entire lawsuit.

Filing for the Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the last resort of preventing property loss. You will get three to five years to be able to stay on track with all your payments. It is our wish to avoid foreclosure by using all possible means to retain your home. Contact for a free consultation by calling 914-559-9500.

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