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Medical Errors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in the United States

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Prescription medications are a life-saving tool in the modern world. They cure diseases, fight infections, and give us more time with our loved ones.

Tragically, medications are sometimes prescribed in error. When this happens and someone suffers injury, liability is on the medical professional. 

How to Get the Compensation You Deserve for a Pharmaceutical-Related Injury

If you or someone you love has been injured by a pharmaceutical drug, you may have a defective products claim. Pharmaceutical-drug-based product liability claims are similar to other defective product claims.

Pharmaceutical-related injury claims have some differences.

Product liability is based on injury to a consumer by a defective or dangerous product.  Products can include items that are ingested, such as food items or prescription drugs.  

In general, product liability means that the manufacturer of a drug is liable for defects. This is the case regardless of negligence.

What Kinds of Defects can Prescription Drugs Have?

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs and medical devices typically lead to one of three categories of prescription drug claims:

  1. The drug is fundamentally dangerous or defective
    Not all medications and medical devices are created equal. Some are born of flawed design, which can lead directly to subsequent injury. The manufacturer may be aware of the product’s flawed origins to begin with, or they may learn about them after the product is marketed and as further evidence becomes available.
  2. The drug’s manufacture is defective
    Some drugs are well designed and beneficial, but they can become tainted, damaged, and/or dangerous during the manufacturing, shipping, labeling, and/or dispensing process.
  3. The drug is labeled inappropriately
    No matter what a drug’s benefits, if its manufacturer fails to provide and affix the appropriate and necessary label warnings, instructions, intended usage, and/or recommendations, it can lead to serious injury.Whether the manufacturer is aware of these areas of defect or not, you – as an injured consumer – have the right to bring claim for product liability regarding any damage you sustain from these forms of defective medications or medical devices.

Injured Consumers Have the Right to a Product Liability Claim

Defective drugs and medical devices are still available for consumer purchase and use. Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of profits. They invest in medical research and development with the expectation of a financial return. 

Unfortunately, when pharmaceutical products harm their users, it’s the consumer who ends up bearing the costs of injuries.

If you’ve suffered damages from a medication or medical device in South Carolina, it’s your right to file a product liability claim. Product liability refers to the responsibility that manufacturers, distributors, and/or retailers of medications owe their consumers. This includes the responsibility to reasonably anticipate potential risks associated with their products, to eliminate or provide adequate warnings for those foreseeable risks, and to deliver products that are free from defect. 

Ultimately, this process isn’t foolproof. It’s impossible to anticipate every potential danger that might be associated with a medication or medical device. In fact, most product liability claims are related to medication and medical devices.

Every product liability case involving pharmaceuticals is unique. As a result, it’s important that you thoroughly identify all potential defendants in your claim. This includes identifying the supply chain from the manufacturer to the pharmacy. 

Prescription drug injury - The Hartman Law Firm, LLC strategy session at 843-300-7600The supply chain consists of a number of entites.

  • The pharmaceutical manufacturer is usually a large company that provides the funding for research, development, manufacture, and distribution of a new drug. These pharmaceutical corporations aggressively defend against product liability claims.
  • Testing laboratories conduct safety trials on pre-market drugs. This includes an elaborate series of tests.
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives typically work for the drug manufacturers. Their job is to meet with medical professionals and businesses to make drug recommendations. Sales representatives can be indicated in your claim if they played a significant role in recommending the injurious drug in question.
  • The prescribing doctor may be liable if they failed to provide adequate instructions or warn you about the drug’s potentially dangerous side effects.
  • The hospital or clinic where you were treated may be liable for their part in providing the product.
  • Finally, the pharmacy that filled the prescription is the final link in the chain. If your pharmacist improperly consulted you about the defective medication, they may also be held liable.

Medical drug and equipment claims are complicated legal processes.They require thorough review of the legal ramifications of your individual case. Because of this, it’s never wise to attempt the process on your own. 

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If you or someone you know has been injured by a prescription drug, you may be entitled to compensation. Determining your legal rights can be complicated. It may be unclear who to bring a claim against and what sort of damages you’re entitled to. 

That’s why it’s critical to consult with an experienced attorney. At The Hartman Law Firm, LLC, we have experience working in the prescription drug area. Frank can put his skill and experience to work for you to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation at 843-300-7600 or use our online form.



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