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The Hartman Law Firm, LCC is Charleston, South Carolina's Pedestrian Auto Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Car Accidents

Despite the general rule of pedestrian right of way, careless drivers continue to hit people crossing or walking along South Carolina streets, causing serious injury and death. In 2010, 13 South Carolina pedestrians were killed and another 1,744 were injured, according to the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

Pedestrians have certain rights in South Carolina; drivers are required to stop for pedestrians at all crosswalks (whether marked or unmarked). However, not all drivers observe these rights, and the many factors involved in pedestrian accidents include:

  • Speeding – the higher the speed the harder it is to stop and more severe pedestrian injuries are likely.

  • Elderly drivers – pedestrian injury rates are higher when you factor in the age of the driver, often because older drivers have vision problems.

  • Alcohol – Either the driver or the pedestrian can contribute by being intoxicated.

  • Low light conditions – Pedestrians are struck more often during the evening and other times of poor visibility.

Many drivers will attempt to blame the accident on the pedestrian to avoid legal liability. Their attempt to deflect blame can be infuriating to the pedestrian recovering from such serious injuries as:

  • Severe head trauma

  • Brain damage

  • Leg injuries

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Paraplegia

  • Quadriplegia

  • Amputations

  • Disfigurement

  • Neck and back injuries

Coping with your medical issues may be challenging enough without handling a legal claim or dealing with uncooperative insurance adjusters. Frank is knowledgeable and experienced in handling insurance companies and difficult claims adjusters.

If you are injured as a pedestrian because a driver failed to obey traffic laws, you have rights under the laws of the State of South Carolina and you may be entitled to compensation. At The Hartman Law Firm, LLC, we conduct thorough accident investigations to determine who is at fault. Attention to detail can be the difference between a successful claim and an unsuccessful one. We will seek to prove the driver was speeding or inattentive, even when the driver states otherwise. If the driver’s insurance company attempts to refuse your claim, we will deal with them directly – we know how to deal with insurance companies from prior experience and we will seek proper compensation on your behalf.

If you have suffered serious injury as the result of a pedestrian accident, Frank Hartman can help you make informed decisions about your legal rights. As our client, you will receive attentive and compassionate legal help.

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