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Every year millions of American citizens are involved in car accidents. Thousands die. Some accidents cannot be avoided, but most wrecks are preventable. These accidents are caused by people who do not follow the law and act negligently, causing the accident.

In 2010, there were 3,252 deaths in South Carolina due to all injury, intentional and unintentional. The overall death rate was 70.3 people per 100,000 in population.

An additional 88,937 persons suffered injuries in motor vehicle crashes.

In 2010, there were 442,973 non-fatal injuries as a result of car accidents (hospitalization and emergency department visits) in SC with a rate of 957.7/10,000 population.

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How Much Money Will I Get For My Car Accident?

Studies show that insurance companies pay, on average, significantly more (40% conservatively) to people when they are represented by a car accident attorney. However, every crash has its specific set of facts that help determine value. How much compensation you receive can be based on a number of factors.

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How do you find The Best Car Crash Attorney in North Charleston?

Choosing the best car crash has become a lot easier than it used to be. Google Ratings, Avvo and Facebook all have rating systems that are there to help people make good decisions on whom they pick to represent them. Make sure you read those reviews because you definitely want someone who has your best interests at heart. 

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Attorney?

When seeking a car accident attorney, it’s important to locate a professional with trial experience in your state who can easily point to specific settlements and awards in your type of case. For example, an attorney may focus more on whiplash cases with small awards or an attorney may focus more on big DUI cases with catastrophic injuries. The latter cases take much more time to conclude, and the law firm must be able to advance all costs of making the case against the defendant’s insurance company.

You may or may not get some of the following compensation. Every case is different.

  • Medical bills
  • Hospital expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Disfigurement
  • Future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering

A contingency fee, in terms of a legal case, means that a lawyer agrees to accept an agreed-upon percentage of whatever is recovered from a case that is won. 

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Our Attorneys Have Represented N. Charleston Residents with Car Collision Related Injuries

Car accidents often involve powerful physical forces that are capable of causing serious damage to the human body. This is true even in cases in which vehicle occupants are buckled in and the vehicle in which they were riding was equipped with modern safety features such as multiple airbags. Many people involved in severe accidents are left with life-changing injuries that will result in substantial economic and non-economic losses, making it critical for them to retain an attorney that can help make sure they obtain the compensation to which they are legally entitled. Here are some of the more common injuries that people can sustain in a car accident.


Charleston Broken Leg Attorney

Individuals who are involved in car accidents often sustain fractures, which are also called broken bones. People can break arms, legs, ribs, hips, or even the bones in their face or their head, depending on how exactly an accident took place. Fractures are extremely painful, can result in disfigurement, and may require surgery to treat. In many cases, people who sustain them miss weeks or months of work and may require the immobilization of a body part for a significant period of time. Even less serious broken bones may take a significant period of time to heal and result in long-term complications.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, often referred to as “TBIs,” occur when a person’s head is bumped or jolted with force sufficient to result in a disruption of normal brain function. These injuries often occur in car accidents in which a person’s heads slams against the dashboard or steering wheel or he or she is ejected from the vehicle. In instances in which the head snaps back and forth on the neck hard enough to rattle the brain within the skull, a TBI can occur even if the head does not come into contact with another object.

TBIs are capable of causing extremely serious complications, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Problems concentrating
  • Sensitivity to light or sounds
  • Problems with communication
  • Difficulty problem solving


In many car accidents, one or more of the vehicles involved catches fire during or immediately after the accident, potentially causing extremely serious burns to the people inside them. Burns can be extremely painful, require long-term medical treatment, and leave victims with scarring and disfigurement that can last a lifetime.


Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are associated with paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia (also called tetraplegia) and hemiplegia.

Spinal cord injuries occur when physical trauma damages the spinal cord, which is the bundle of nerves that allows the brain to communicate with the rest of the body. They can be categorized into two broad categories, which are as follows:

  1. Incomplete – A spinal cord injury is characterized as “incomplete” when the victim retains some feeling or function below the site of the injury
  2. Complete – In an incomplete spinal cord injury, victims have no sensation or function below the site of the injury

Spinal cord injuries often result in significant long-term problems and victims who are paralyzed often require a lifetime of medical treatment and care.

Neck injuries 

Most injuries in Charleston-area automobile collisions result from rear-end collisions. Neck injuries are a common injury in these accidents. The head whips forward and back in the classic whiplash movement. Injuries can be permanent, depending on the severity of the impact.


Sometimes parts of a victim’s body are fully or partially severed as a result of the collision. Such injuries can require amputation.

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