Free South Carolina Will




Free Downloadable Will for South Carolina

How to have a Reciprocal Will with no attorney needed

  1. You have to have three witnesses, one of whom must be a notary public. The notary has to witness the signature in person.
  2.  Make sure to Initial all pages, preferably in blue ink.
  3. Put your name where it says the person executing the will.
  4. Put your husband or wife’s name as the recipient of the proceeds of your will. These are called reciprocal wills, meaning they are exactly alike and meant for a married couple.
  5. You have to choose a second person in the event that your spouse predeceases you. Make that choice in the document.
  6. The Personal Representative is the person who is responsible for executing your instructions upon your passing.
  7. You have to choose a second Personal Representative in the event that the first is unavailable.

This availability of this document for the public in no way creates a legal relationship between
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because it is the right thing to do. God bless you all.