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There’s No Second Chance to Make a First Impression

In business, you only have one reputation. If someone ruins your reputation, the dirt never washes off.


What Did the Doctor Say to the Insurance Company?

As they are quickly pushed through the doors of the Emergency Room, a nurse is ready to take them in for treatment. They’re rushed to their rooms and attended by the ER staff.

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Accidents Are One of the Top 10 Causes of Death in South Carolina (2019)

In this article: Introduction What Are the Most Common Accident Types? Car Accidents are the Most Common Cause of Death Why Were There So Many Auto Collision Deaths in 2015? How to Drive Safely and Prevent Auto Collisions Accidental Poisoning Killed Almost as Many People as Traffic Incidents How to Prevent Poison and Noxious Gas …

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Everything You Need to Know About Personal Injury Lawsuits in 2019

The Hartman Law Firm, LLC Everything You Need to KNow About Personal Injury Lawsuits