South Carolina Is Second in the Country for DUI Deaths

South Carolina DUI

The most common cause of death for people between the ages of five and 24 is car crashes, and a large percentage of accidents are caused by impaired driving. Drunk driving is a serious problem across the entire country, but some states have a bigger issue than others when it comes to DUI deaths. Unfortunately, a report from the security company SafeWise found that South Carolina has the second highest rate of DUI deaths per capita.

It’s important for everyone to be aware of the dangers of impaired driving. Hundreds of people are injured or killed in drunk driving crashes every year in South Carolina. In case you ever are involved in a DUI-related accident, you should know what steps to take to stay safe and get the compensation you deserve. 


South Carolina DUI Statistics

On the list, South Carolina is followed by North Dakota, which had 6.08 deaths per 100,000 people due to impaired driving. Fourth on the list is New Mexico with a rate of 5.74, and fifth is Alabama with a rate of 5.49. All of these states have a smaller population than South Carolina, though, so South Carolina leads with the largest total number of deaths. 

In 2016, South Carolina ranked sixth for the rate of DUI deaths per capita. According to a report from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), there were 331 impaired driving deaths in South Carolina in 2016. In just one year, the state moved up to second place. 

SafeWise’s data, which comes from 2017, shows that there are 6.22 impaired driving deaths per 100,000 people in the Palmetto State. The only state with a higher DUI death rate is Wyoming, which had 7.59 deaths per 100,000 people in 2017. Wyoming only has a population of about 600,000 people, so South Carolina experienced a far greater number of drunk driving deaths. 

However, despite the increase in ranking, the problem may be improving. According to the SafeWise report, South Carolina, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Alabama all decreased their drunk driving death rates in 2017. Wyoming was the only state in the top five that saw an increase in DUI-related deaths. Like most other states, South Carolina’s DUI death rate went down, but it didn’t decrease as much as the other states, so its ranking went up. 

The difference in death rate between the highest and lowest ranking states on the list is alarming. South Carolina ranks second with a DUI-related death rate of 6.22 per 100,000 people. The state with the fewest drunk driving deaths per capita is New Jersey, which only has a rate of 1.38 deaths per 100,000 people. 

The other states with the fewest impaired driving deaths include the following: 


  • New York
  • Minnesota
  • Utah
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Washington, D.C.

All of these states have fewer than 2.5 drunk driving deaths per 100,000 people, which proves that it is possible to combat drunk driving. The numbers aren’t in yet for the past year, but hopefully South Carolina DUI statistics for 2018 will be more optimistic. 


DUI Penalties in South Carolina

The consequences for driving under the influence in South Carolina are bleak. Unlike the other states with the highest DUI death rates, South Carolina mandates a minimum of two days in jail for a first offense. A blood alcohol content of .10 to .16 percent will result in at least three days of jail time, and a BAC of .16 or greater carries a minimum sentence of 30 days. Fines can range from $400 to over $1,000 for a first offense. 

Second and third offenses result in even harsher penalties. Fines can add up to several thousand dollars, and offenders may be sentenced to several months to several years in jail. A DUI can also result in the offender’s license being suspended for multiple years or even for life. 

The only way to avoid these penalties is to avoid drunk driving. Groups like MADD provide free or inexpensive rides home if you’re impaired, and rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are now available in most areas. Finding a ride home when you’re impaired might be inconvenient, but it’s much easier than facing a DUI charge and risking hurting yourself or someone else in a crash. 


How to Stay Safe

You can protect yourself and others by never driving impaired and never getting in a car with a driver who may be impaired. Unfortunately, though, it’s impossible to control the actions of other drivers on the road. The best thing you can do is be vigilant and look for signs of drunk driving. 

The following are some of the most common indicators of impaired driving: 


  • Swerving
  • Driving in the middle of the road
  • Taking wide turns
  • Driving too slowly or quickly
  • Accelerating or decelerating suddenly

In South Carolina, you can dial *47 to report a drunk driver. Even if you’re not sure whether a driver is impaired, calling *47 or 911 could save your life, the driver’s life, or the life of another passenger or pedestrian. Be prepared to tell the operator the make, model, and license plate number of the vehicle. However, you should keep a safe distance from the car to avoid a crash. 


What to Do If You’re Involved in a Crash

If you were in a car accident caused by an impaired driver, you should call the police immediately and collect as much evidence as possible. This includes pictures of the crash and your injuries, information from witnesses, and insurance and contact information of the at-fault driver. The more evidence you have, the more your Charleston DUI injury attorney will be able to help you. 

You should also seek medical treatment right away. Even if you don’t think you have any serious injuries, car accidents can cause medical problems that don’t appear until hours or days later. A medical professional is the only person who can tell whether you have any serious injuries from the crash. While seeking treatment, you should get as much documentation from your doctor as possible, so you and your DUI attorney can get the maximum amount of compensation. 

One of the most common concerns after being in an impaired driving accident is whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer near me. Even if the crash didn’t cause serious damage, you should consult with an attorney about your options for pursuing compensation. 

You should speak to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in DUI injuries before you contact your insurance company. Search for a DUI accident attorney near me to help with the legal process following an impaired driving accident. Your personal injury attorney will investigate the accident, collect evidence, and help you get as much compensation as possible for vehicle damage, medical bills, and any pain and suffering that resulted from the accident. 


Charleston DUI Injury Attorney

If you live in the Charleston, South Carolina area and are looking for a DUI injury lawyer, you can contact the Hartman Law Firm, LLC for help. Frank Hartman is a Charleston DUI accident lawyer and has extensive experience with clients who have been injured as a result of impaired driving. 

Being involved in a drunk driving accident is a stressful and overwhelming experience. By hiring a DUI attorney, you’ll reduce the pressure on yourself to handle the legal and insurance situations, so you can focus on recovering from the accident. 

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Fraudulent Car Accidents in Charleston

Unfortunately, fraud has been part of the human element for as long as we are aware of our existence. Through the years, as people have developed, so has their ability to make deception into an art. Hence, the Art of Deception.

Staged car accidents fall into this category and can be difficult to detect. Many times, people are in shock at what has happened. Clear thinking is not usually one of the characteristics of car accident victims.

Many of the practices of staged car accidents have been documented however, it is an ever-developing field of fraud. It is through car accident forensics and forensic engineers that we have been able to put together a whole playbook of staged car wreck moves.

Known Types of Staged Car Accidents

Swoop and SquatSwoop and Squat Staged Car Accident

The Swoop and Squat has recently become a favorite type of staged car accident among crime groups. The operation usually begins on a non-busy street involving two criminal vehicles. The car in the left lane (squatter car) enters the right lane near the car in the right lane causing the victim to slow down.

The second criminal car then cuts into the right lane in front of the first squatter car. This causes the third car (the victim) to rear-end the second car. The first car often disappears altogether. This leaves the driver to take on responsibility for the damage of the car he hit. Often the repairs and medical injuries have been exaggerated beyond the damage.

Sometimes they use a car with an already damaged rear end, which adds to the damage amount. This can include body damage and damage to the support structures of the car. Often, the second car is junked, and the repairs are not completed. But the insurance companies pay the money, which goes into the pockets of the criminals.


Panic Stop

Panic Stop Car Accident Fraud

Generally, the Panic Stop is done with the scam car having two passengers. The non-driver keeps an eye on the intended victims behind them. As soon as the victim takes their eyes off the road in front of them, the criminals hit the brakes.

Crime groups can also use someone on the street or in another car to create the distraction. This is what will lead to a wreck. These people then disappear. The car with the “witness” then tries to intimidate the driver into paying for the damage.

The Panic Stop is never done on a victim-car with more than one person in it. The idea here is to put pressure on the driver to make admissions of guilt, through the pressure of intimidation.

Paint Swapping

On busy streets that have long double turn lanes, it is easy for one car to side swipe a car in the next lane. Since the cars are often at the intersection of the two lanes, it is difficult to figure out who is at fault.

The criminal driver has all of this under control.

Part of this scam involves “witnesses” whom are part of the crime ring.

They use these sudden eager “witnesses” to convince the other driver it was he or she that zoomed into the wrong lane. Plus, when the cars hit, they don’t end up where they started so these criminal witnesses play a big part in determining blame.

Invisible Wave

The scam driver will wave the victim forward or give some other signal that looks like the victims are supposed to go ahead.

This set up is often used in wide open parking lots or driveways. Then, as the victim move forward, so does the other driver, causing a collision.

Who are the Victims of Staged Car Accidents?

The elderly can be a specifically selected target by these criminal organizations. They feel that elderly may be confused, and thus agree to any number of things at the accident site. They often travel alone and early in the day when fewer people are around. Many of the elderly are also perceived as having decreased driving skills. Though this is not always the case, the criminal organizations do not see it that way and will target the elderly.

Contrarily, younger drivers can also be victims of accident scams. They are perceived has often lacking the driving skills necessary to avoid seasoned car accident scammers. Again, this is not always the case however, the criminals feel that younger drivers could be easy prey. Crime rings see them as easy to intimidate and make the young driver admit to wrongdoing.

Signs of Insurance Fraud

Hesitance to give information

Often, the scammer is hesitant to provide the victim with a name and insurance information. If someone is not giving you the information you are requesting, write down the license plate of the other vehicle.

Number of witnesses

Other situations to look at are the number of witnesses and people in the other car. Does it make sense that there would be that many people watching that intersection? Do they seem to even know each other? Watch to see if a third or fourth car keeps circling the area around the car crash or automobile accident.

Do not agree to anything

Don’t agree to any payments in cash or by check at the scene of the accident. This is usually a giveaway that something is not right. Insurance companies don’t pay out cash until after an investigation by both sides. If threats are made, keep away from the other parties and call the police. If there is a place to take shelter, preferably with other people around, leave the car and go to it.

Traveling Victims

Watch out for accidents when in a new place. Crime groups have sets of criteria to be able to detect drivers that are not from the area. The scammers take these travelers and intimidate them into paying cash for an accident that was deliberately caused by the crime organization.

Things To Do if You Suspect Your in a Staged Car Accident

Never Admit Anything

The most important thing is never admit anything at the scene. This is especially important if they have witnesses. Ask to exchange information and check if anyone needs immediate care. Once that is done, let the driver know he will have to work with the insurance companies about payment. Try to get the names, phone numbers and/or emails of everyone who might have been involved in the accident or witnessed it.

Consult Legal Advice

Often, when the victim feel something is wrong, it is. The victim might need an attorney who specializes in accidents to provide help. A lawyer can make sure that the laws are followed. Often, the perpetrator of fraud will try to convince the victim of laws that don’t apply or even exist. Sometimes even the other insurance agent is part of the criminal activity. The victims legal advisor can check on the backgrounds of witnesses and drivers. They can help get copies of official medical records. They can also find authorities to help support the victims case.

A local accident attorney also keeps up with the crime in the area in which he or she practices law. They will know what types of criminals are currently operating in the area. They may also know what methods the criminals are choosing to use. This may make settling the case much more straightforward.

Staged Car Accidents in South Carolina

Staged car accidents and fake injuries are a large problem in the state of South Carolina. The state has one of the smallest investigating staffs in the United States. Criminals are aware of these limitations. South Carolina is 7th among all states in the volume of insurance scams each year. Yet, in total population the state is 25th in the nation. According to the state’s annual report, this costs each family over $1,000 per year in extra costs.

A variety of cases have been noted in the Annual Reports of the Insurance Fraud Division. Of all insurers, the Division finds that car insurance issues makes up about 80% of all their cases.

Who Handles Staged Car Accident Cases in Charleston, SC

Staged car accidents are exactly the types of cases The Hartman Law Firm, LLC handles in the Charleston area. Charleston is a major business and vacation area of South Carolina. Because of this, it attracts criminals looking for vulnerable victims.

Staged car accidents and insurance fraud cases are very difficult to prove and win. These criminal organizations have had years of practice and planning. It takes an extremely knowledgable, tenacious, hard working and experienced attorney to investigate, interrogate and challenge masterminded experienced criminals. Frank Hartman does all of it, with success.

If you were involved or think you may have been victim to a staged car accident, you need legal help right away. The Hartman Law Firm, LLC provides legal assistance for Charleston victims.

To get started, call Frank 24/7 at (843) 300-7600. Or, you can contact him online, or email him at The sooner you get Frank on your case, the sooner you’ll get your settlement.

If You’ve Used Roundup Weed Killer, You May Have a Lawsuit

On August 10, 2018, jurors in San Francisco ruled that Roundup, the biggest weed-killing product on the market, was responsible for a school groundskeeper’s cancer. Dewayne Johnson was awarded $289 million in damages after he developed a terminal case of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It’s likely that this verdict will set a precedent for the other cases in which the herbicide caused cancer.

Scientists have debated for years about the dangers of the herbicide, but the results of this case make it clear that the product is dangerous. If you’ve used the herbicide and are now battling cancer, there may be a connection.

The Culprit: Glyphosate

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup weed killer, was first introduced to the market by Monsanto in 1974. Although it was originally meant for small-scale use, the invention of GMOs in the 1990s allowed farmers to apply the product across their fields without killing their crops. As a result, Monsanto’s product quickly became the most widely-used weed poison in the world, particularly for agriculture.

According to Johnson’s lead trial lawyer, Brent Wisner, Monsanto’s scientists have been aware of the product’s dangers since the 1970s, but they failed to warn the public. The herbicide was an extremely profitable product, and they chose their financial success over the well-being of the public.

In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer reported that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” This means that there is limited evidence that the chemical causes cancer in humans and sufficient evidence that it causes cancer in lab animals. The IARC’s report states that the evidence comes from studies of exposures in the United States, Canada, and Sweden since 2001 as well as several studies on lab animals.

Plaintiffs were enraged when the former chairman of the EPA offered to stop a review on whether or not glyphosate is carcinogenic, seemingly to protect Monsanto. By the end of 2017, more than a thousand cancer patients had sued Monsanto, and the company responded that there is no proof that glyphosate causes cancer. Monsanto’s vice president of strategy stated that over 800 scientific studies agree that glyphosate is safe.

However, Timothy Litzenburg, one of Johnson’s attorneys, argued that glyphosate itself isn’t the problem. The chemical likely interacts with other ingredients in the herbicide, which makes the entire product more carcinogenic.

In addition to possibly causing cancer, glyphosate is linked to a number of other symptoms and health conditions. Medical issues that may be associated with glyphosate include the following:

  • Kidney disease
  • Liver damage
  • Colitis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease

Johnson’s Case

Dewayne Johnson applied Monsanto’s herbicide 20 to 30 times per year while working for a school district east of San Francisco. He would use a 50-gallon tank to spray the product, and the herbicide would cover his face whenever the wind blew.

Johnson was regularly exposed to small amounts of glyphosate, but he had two accidents that left him soaked in the product. The first accident was in 2012, and he developed a rash shortly after. He read the product label carefully but found no warnings, and he even contacted Monsanto about the issue. The company didn’t inform him of any of the dangers of glyphosate.

In 2014, just two years after his first glyphosate accident, Johnson was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The disease progressed quickly, and by the time of his trial, there were lesions on up to 80 percent of his body. On some days, he was in too much pain to speak.

In July 2017, Johnson’s oncologist gave him six months to live. Fortunately, he surpassed that prediction and made it to his trial. This case was the first of the Monsanto lawsuits to go to trial because California grants expedited trials to dying plaintiffs.

It’s impossible to prove that the herbicide caused Johnson’s cancer, but Monsanto also can’t prove that it didn’t. The burden of proof was on the plaintiffs, though. Johnson’s lawyers had to convince the jury that the product was a “substantial contributing factor” to Johnson’s cancer. It didn’t necessarily have to be the only cause, but the attorneys needed to prove that the cancer wouldn’t have formed if Johnson wasn’t exposed to the herbicide.

Johnson’s attorneys focused on the interaction between glyphosate and the other ingredients in Monsanto’s product. Although Monsanto provided plenty of studies showing that glyphosate is safe, there is not nearly as much evidence that Roundup as a whole is not carcinogenic.

Fortunately for Johnson and the other victims of the herbicide, the jury unanimously agreed that the weed poison was at least partially responsible for the cancer and that Monsanto should have included a warning label on the product. Of the $289 awarded, $39 was for compensatory damages, and $250 was for punitive damages. “This is a big victory for human health worldwide,” Timothy Litzenburg said after the trial.

What Happens Next?

Dewayne Johnson still has terminal cancer, but he will now be able to access the best medical treatment and live as comfortably as possible. His family will also no longer have to worry about paying for his care. Hopefully, this case will open the door for more people who have been affected by Monsanto’s herbicide to be compensated. After the verdict, Johnson said, “I’m glad to be here to be able to help in a case that’s way bigger than me.”

According to Litzenburg, more than 4,000 cases against Monsanto are currently awaiting trial. About 400 more have been filed in federal multidistrict litigation, which is like a class-action lawsuit. All the pre-trial proceedings are consolidated in federal multidistrict litigation, but each case receives a separate trial.

Many people who have used the herbicide and are now suffering from cancer have come forward, but there could be hundreds or thousands of other cancer patients who don’t yet realize that they have a case. It’s important for lawyers across the country to work quickly to achieve justice, especially for patients who are close to death.

After Johnson’s verdict, Monsanto representatives stated that the company stands by studies that suggest that the weed killer is not carcinogenic. Vice president Scott Partridge said, “We will appeal this decision and continue to vigorously defend this product, which has a 40-year history of safe use and continues to be a vital, effective, and safe tool for farmers and others.”

With so many cases like Johnson’s that will appear in court soon, Monsanto seems unlikely to win this battle. Bayer, the company that recently bought Monsanto, saw a 14 percent drop in their shares the Monday after the announcement of the verdict. With each new trial, the shares may continue to get lower and lower.

What to Do If You’ve Used Roundup Weed Killer

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer after using Monsanto’s weed killer at home or at work, you may be able to file a lawsuit. Although it’s impossible to know exactly what caused your cancer, there’s a chance that the herbicide played a role, and you deserve to be compensated.

To find out if you have a case, you can contact the Hartman Law Firm, LLC and schedule a free consultation. You and your personal injury attorney will discuss the details of your story to determine whether there is a link between your cancer and Monsanto’s herbicide.

The most common types of cancer linked to the weed-killing product are non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia. However, as more research is done on the herbicide, scientists may discover a connection to other cancers as well.

The more you’ve been exposed to the herbicide, the more likely it is that the product is at least partially responsible for your cancer. Most people who are filing lawsuits work as farmers, landscapers, or groundskeepers, so they have been repeatedly exposed over a long period of time. Exposure to the chemical can occur from direct skin contact, inhalation, or contamination of your food.

If your attorney agrees that you have a case, you may be able to seek the following damages:

  • Past and future cancer treatment expenses
  • Wage losses
  • Economic losses as a result of the cancer and treatment
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

You should collect copies of all of your medical records to help your attorney build your case. If possible, you should also write down the timeline of when you used the herbicide and when your medical symptoms began. The more information you have, the more evidence your lawyer will be able to collect.

Nothing will truly be enough to compensate you for the pain and suffering cancer causes. However, your lawsuit can ease your financial burden and help prevent Monsanto and similar companies from repeating their mistakes. If you live in the Charleston, South Carolina area, call The Hartman Law Firm, LLC to put your case in the hands of an experienced and dedicated attorney and to get the compensation you deserve.

Accidente menor (Fender-bender): ¿Necesita Llamar a un Abogado?

Los Accidentes menores ( Fender- benders) pueden no parecer tan significativos. Esto se debe a que generalmente se definen como accidentes en los que un par de vehículos chocan entre sí a velocidades de sólo 10 mph o menos. A menudo, estos incidentes ocurren cuando alguien está atrapado en el tráfico de horas punta y, mientras avanza hacia adelante, o accidentalmente golpea el coche en el frente o es golpeado por el coche detrás. En muchos casos, los involucrados en el accidente de menor importancia saldrá de sus coches, mirar el daño, ver ninguno, tomar nota de cómo se sienten, no notan nada fuera de lo ordinario, y pueden simplemente darse la mano y seguir su camino sin tomar ninguna información.

Sin embargo, esta no es la mejor estrategia a tomar. Aunque, en muchos casos, no hay daños a los vehículos o a las personas implicadas, a veces el daño a una o más de esas entidades puede aparecer más adelante. Siempre es mejor tomar toda la información sobre el accidente como sea posible, además de la información del seguro y el número de identificación del vehículo del otro coche, así como su número de matrícula y una descripción del vehículo. Además, si el accidente ha tenido lugar en Carolina del sur, asegúrese de ponerse en contacto con la policía para que un informe de accidente de tráfico puede ser compilado. Todo esto puede parecer obvio si los daños o lesiones han sido claramente sufridos como resultado de este accidente automovilístico de menor importancia, pero puede sentirse antinatural e innecesario si ninguna de esas cosas es aparente. Sin embargo, es esencial hacer la misma cantidad de diligencia debida en todos los casos, ya que siempre es preferible tener la información si no es necesario que no tenerlo cuando lo necesita.

Es especialmente importante notar que las lesiones de tejidos blandos como el latigazo cervical pueden no ser aparentes en el momento del accidente.


Impacto de la Posibilidad de Latigazo en la Necesidad de Llamar a un Abogado

Si se ha producido una lesión por latigazo, puede ser difícil de demostrar a pesar del dolor y el impacto en la vida del receptor siendo real. Algunos de estos síntomas pueden incluir músculos rígidos en el cuello, ya no puede disfrutar de un rango completo de movimiento con los músculos del cuello, dolor y sensibilidad en el área alrededor del cuello, dolor y sensibilidad en el área alrededor del cuello, mareos, visión borrosa, dolor o rigidez al intentar mirar por encima del hombro, dolor en el hombro, espalda o brazo y dolores de cabeza que empiezan desde la base del cráneo y se propagan hacia la frente. Sin embargo, muchas personas, incluidos los Ajustadores de reclamaciones de seguros de automóviles, son escépticos cuando oyen de otros que afirman que las lesiones como éstas han resultado, especialmente cuando se han producido después de un choque. Sin embargo, aquellos que han sufrido lesiones como resultado de un pequeño accidente automovilístico, obviamente, merecen recibir una indemnización por esto y cualquier otro gasto relacionado con accidentes.

Las personas que experimentan dolor de cuello u otras lesiones relacionadas con el latigazo como resultado de un accidente automovilístico deben buscar tratamiento médico y consultar los servicios de un abogado de lesiones personales. El contacto con una persona experimentada es especialmente importante en el caso de lesiones de tejidos blandos como el latigazo cervical, ya que éstas pueden ser especialmente difíciles de probar. Sin embargo, la documentación médica ayudará a apoyar la reclamación de lesiones, la cual deberá presentarse lo antes posible. Establecer que se solicitó atención tan pronto como se sintieron los síntomas ayudará al caso, y cuanto antes se presente la reclamación, más pronto se puede recibir cualquier indemnización para pagar por cosas como facturas médicas, trauma emocional y salarios perdidos.

Tenga en cuenta que, en la escena del accidente, es importante no reclamar que no se recibieron lesiones ya que esta Declaración podría volver a herir a la persona que intenta recibir una indemnización por lesiones que no se habían sentido inmediatamente después del accidente. Como resultado de ese tipo de declaración en ese momento, la compañía de seguros puede hacer un caso de las lesiones que no se han experimentado en realidad.

¿Qué Pasa si no Se Presenta Ningún Reporte Policial, No se le Dice a la Compañía de Seguros?

Si alguien involucrado en un accidente no presenta un informe policial ni se lo informa a su aseguradora, se han asumido varios riesgos. Por supuesto, es posible que no se haya hecho ningún daño a ninguno de los dos vehículos, y que ninguna de las personas se haya lesionado o se lesione como resultado, lo que no resultará en repercusiones negativas del accidente. Sin embargo, el riesgo de tomar esta acción es significativa. Un resultado posible es lesionarse y no poder ser compensado por ello o experimentar una lucha mucho más dura de lo que debería haber sido necesario para recibir cualquier indemnización. Otra es la demanda de la otra parte en un momento posterior y, posiblemente, quedar fuera de servicio con su propia compañía de seguros posiblemente la decisión de no asumir la responsabilidad en cuanto a la defensa legal de la demanda, ya que el accidente no se informó a ellos o la policía. En este caso, un abogado tendría que ser pagado de su bolsillo.

Aunque puede parecer una molestia en el momento de ponerse en contacto con la policía y las compañías de seguros relacionadas con las partes involucradas con el accidente cuando no se cree que ningún daño ha sido experimentado por cualquier persona en cualquier vehículo o a los coches mismos, vale la pena para hacerlo. Es sólo unos pocos minutos de tiempo, y las compañías de seguro entonces tendrían el papeleo si algo inesperado escala más adelante. Pero, si no se hace la diligencia debida, las opciones de escenarios peores son bastante graves. El resultado más positivo que se producirá probablemente si el accidente es reportado en un momento posterior por la otra parte será algunas preguntas difíciles de la propia compañía de seguros de la persona.

Se debe de notar que, en algunos casos, una parte puede ser demandada por el otro después de un accidente, incluso si la policía no fue llamada en el momento.

Importancia de Los Abogados Después de Accidentes de Tráfico Menores

Por un lado, los heridos en accidentes menores de tráfico pueden representarse en los casos resultantes de esos incidentes, mientras que las compañías de seguros siempre estarán encantadas de trabajar con los reclamantes que simplemente acepten sus ofertas de liquidación sin considerar que pueden ser remotamente tan equitativas como pueden parecer a primera vista. Sin embargo, consultar a un abogado de lesiones personales ayudará a asegurar que se reciba una compensación justa, a veces un aumento significativo sobre lo que se ofreció inicialmente.

Parte de la razón por la que tener un abogado es esencial es porque cuanto más daño se ha hecho a las personas involucradas con el accidente o a los vehículos que eran una parte de ella, más probable es que la compañía de seguros que está siendo demandado estará menos dispuesto a aprobar inicialmente una cantidad justa de compensación.

Otro beneficio de consultar a un abogado es que todo el proceso se completará generalmente de una manera mucho más rápida que si se intentara sin la ayuda de un abogado. También debe tenerse en cuenta que los abogados que tienen experiencia en este tipo de casos sabrán exactamente lo que hay que hacer para completar cada paso del proceso de una manera completa y correcta. Asegurarse de que no se niegue un caso debido a un tecnicismo, incluido el hecho de que el caso se presentó antes de que se agotara el estatuto de prescripción, y saber qué expertos, en su caso, deben ser consultados para garantizar que se logre un acuerdo justo contribuciones que un abogado hará también.Los abogados también pueden ayudar a determinar si una liquidación en una suma global o una que incorpore un sistema de pago es mejor además de asegurarse de que los heridos en un accidente reciban una indemnización del tiempo perdido en el trabajo como resultado de sus lesiones. Además, si el accidente resultará en lesiones lo suficientemente significativas como para que la víctima no pudiera volver a la línea de trabajo con la que había estado involucrado previamente, un abogado podrá asegurar que esta cantidad de daño a la calidad de vida de la víctima se compense lo más justo posible.

Independientemente de las circunstancias de un accidente, siempre es mejor equivocarse por el lado de la precaución y hablar con un abogado, ya que este es otro caso en el que el riesgo de hacerlo es bajo, pero el riesgo de no hacerlo es bastante alto.

¿A Quién Llamar?

Las personas en el área de Charleston, S.C., deben ponerse en contacto con el bufete de abogados Hartman, LLC como Frank Hartman, el abogado de lesiones personales y accidentes de  Charleston, tiene experiencia en este tipo de casos y se asegurará de que todos sus clientes reciban la atención, Asesoría y representación legal que se merecen y que recibirán asentamientos justos. Ponerse en contacto con su oficina es gratis, así que es mejor hacerlo de inmediato, antes de que la compañía de seguros sea contactada si es posible, con el fin de ver si una reclamación es en el mejor interés del cliente en lugar de no hacerlo y, posiblemente, terminando con facturas médicas innecesarias y no compensadas o gastos de daños a la propiedad que suman.


Fender Benders, Do You Need to Call an Attorney?

Fender benders may not seem all that significant. That’s because they’re generally defined as accidents in which a pair of vehicles strike each other at speeds of just 10 mph or less. Oftentimes, these incidents occur when somebody is stuck in rush-hour traffic and, while inching forward, either accidentally hits the car in front or is hit by the car behind. In many cases, those involved in the minor accident will step out of their cars, look at the damage, see none, take note of how they themselves feel, not notice anything out of the ordinary, and they may simply shake hands and head off without taking down any information.

However, this is not the best strategy to take. Although, in many cases, there is no damage to the vehicles or the people involved, sometimes damage to one or more of those entities may show up later. It’s always best to take down as much information about the accident as possible in addition to the insurance information and vehicle identification number of the other car as well as its license plate number and a description of the vehicle. Also, if the accident has taken place in South Carolina, make sure to contact the police so that a traffic accident report can be compiled. All of this may seem obvious if damage or injuries have clearly been suffered as a result of this minor car wreck, but it may feel unnatural and unnecessary if neither of those things is apparent. However, it’s essential to do the same amount of due diligence in every case as it’s always preferred to have the information if it’s not needed than to not have it when it is.

It’s especially important to note that soft-tissue injuries such as whiplash might not be apparent at the time of the accident.

Impact of Whiplash Possibility on Necessity of Calling an Attorney

If a whiplash injury has occurred, it may be difficult to prove despite the pain and impact on the recipient’s life being real. Some of these symptoms can include stiff muscles in the neck, no longer being able to enjoy a full range of motion with the neck muscles, pain and tenderness in the area around the neck, dizziness, blurred vision, pain or stiffness when attempting to look over the shoulder, pain in the shoulder, back or arm and headaches that start from the base of the skull and spread towards the forehead. But many people, including car insurance claims adjusters, are skeptical when they hear of others claiming that injuries such as these have resulted, especially when they have occurred after a fender bender. However, those who have suffered injuries as a result of a small car accident obviously deserve to receive compensation for this and any other accident-related expenses.

People who do experience neck pain or other whiplash-related injuries as a result of a car accident should seek medical treatment and consult the services of a personal injury attorney. Contacting an experienced one is especially important in the case of soft-tissue injuries such as whiplash since those can be especially hard to prove. However, medical documentation will help support the injury claim, which should be filed as soon as possible. Establishing that care was sought as soon as symptoms were felt will help the case, and the sooner that this claim is filed, the sooner that any compensation to pay for things like medical bills, emotional trauma and lost wages can be received.

Note that, at the scene of the accident, it’s important to not claim that no injuries were received as this statement could come back to hurt the person attempting to receive compensation for injuries that had not been felt in the immediate aftermath of the accident. As a result of that type of statement at that time, the insurance company can make a case for the injuries having not actually been experienced.

What Happens if No Police Report Filed, Insurance Carrier Not Told?

If somebody involved in an accident does not file a police report or tell his or her insurance carrier, several risks have been undertaken. Of course, it’s possible that no damage was done to either car, and neither person was or becomes injured as a result, resulting in no negative repercussions from the accident. However, the risk of taking this action is significant. One possible result is being injured and either not being able to be compensated for it or experiencing a much tougher fight than should have been necessary to receive any compensation. Another is the other party suing at a later time and possibly being left out to dry with his or her own insurance carrier possibly deciding not to take responsibility as far as legally defending the suit since the accident was not reported to them or to the police. In this case, an attorney would need to be paid for out of pocket.

Although it may seem like a hassle at the time to contact the police and the insurance carriers connected with the parties involved with the accident when no damage is believed to have been experienced by anybody in either vehicle or to the cars themselves, it’s worth it to do so. It’s just a few minutes of time, and the insurance companies would then have the paperwork if anything unexpectedly escalates later. But, if the due diligence is not done, the worse-case scenario options are pretty dire. The most positive outcome that will likely occur if the accident is reported at a later time by the other party will be some tough questions from the person’s own insurance company.

It should be noted that, in some cases, one party can be sued by the other after an accident even if the police were not called at the time.

Importance of Attorneys After Minor Traffic Accidents

On the one hand, those hurt in minor traffic accidents are welcome to represent themselves in cases resulting from those incidents while insurance companies will always be glad to work with claimants who simply accept their settlement offers without considering that they may not be even remotely as fair as they might seem at first look. However, consulting a personal injury attorney will help ensure that fair compensation, sometimes a significant increase over what had been initially offered, is received.

Part of the reason why having an attorney is essential is because the more damage that has been done to people involved with the accident or to the vehicles that were a part of it, the more likely that the insurance company being sued will be less willing to initially approve a fair amount of compensation.

Another benefit of consulting an attorney is that the entire process will generally be completed in a much quicker manner than if it was attempted without the assistance of a lawyer. It should also be noted that attorneys who are experienced in these types of cases will know just what needs to be done in order to complete every step of the process in a complete and correct manner. Ensuring that a case is not denied due to a technicality, including that the case was filed prior to the statute of limitations running out, and knowing which experts, if any, should be consulted in ensuring that a fair settlement is achieved are important contributions that a lawyer will make as well. Attorneys can also help determine if a settlement in a lump sum or one that incorporates a payment system is best in addition to ensuring that those hurt in an accident receive compensation from time lost at work as a result of their injuries. Additionally, if the accident resulted in injuries significant enough that the victim is not able to ever return to the line of work that he or she had been involved with beforehand, a lawyer will be able to ensure that this amount of damage to the victim’s quality of life is compensated for as fairly as possible.

Regardless of the circumstances of an accident, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and speak to an attorney as this is another case in which the risk of doing so is low, but the risk of not doing so is quite high.

Who to Call in Charleston After a Fender bender?

Those located in the Charleston, S.C., area should contact The Hartman Law Firm, LLC as Frank Hartman,  Charleston’s personal injury and accident attorney, is experienced in these types of cases and will ensure that all of his clients receive the attention, advice and legal representation that they deserve and that they will receive fair settlements. Contacting his office is free, so it’s best to do so immediately, prior to the insurance company being contacted if possible, in order to see if a claim is in the client’s best interest as opposed to not doing so and possibly ending up with unnecessary and uncompensated medical bills or property damage expenses adding up.

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