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Dog Bite and Animal Attack Attorney in Charleston, South Carolina

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Animal bites, and particularly dog bites, injure several people every year in the Charleston area.

These incidents are capable of causing extremely serious injuries, including fractures, severe lacerations, permanent scarring, and nerve damage. In addition, bites are not the only way that an animal attack can result in serious injuries. For example, a dog attack could knock a person over and cause severe head trauma or a dislocated joint.

If You Were Bitten by a Dog You Have the Right to Fair Compensation

Between 2005 and 2012 there were 251 American’s who died as a result of dog bites. Rottweilers and Pit Bulls accounted for nearly 73% of all deadly encounters.

Pit Bulls accounted for 12 of these deadly attacks in South Carolina. It is these types of statistics that have prompted many communities to restrict what type of animal you may have living in your home or on your property.

Frank Hartman is a Charleston SC car accident attorney, personal injury attorney, motorcycle accident attorney Leash laws make it illegal to allow a dog to move about without restraint. When a negligent animal owner lets their pet off-leash and that animal attacks and injures someone, it’s the responsibility of the owner.

Dog bites and animal attack injuries can lead to a number of consequences for the victim. Severe injuries, lacerations, puncture wounds, trauma, and even death may result.

If a you or a loved one needs has been injured in an animal or dog attack, call The Hartman Law Firm, LLCFrank Hartman will fight to get you fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries.

Victims of attacks by domestic pets other than dogs may also be able to recover compensation.

According to South Carolina’s law, the animal’s owner is responsible, even if no sign of dangerous behavior has ever been seen before. The animal could bite, scratch, claw, kick, or peck you and that could result in a serious injury.

South Carolina law makes it relatively easy for victims of dog bites to recieve compensation for their injuries. As a strict liability state, victims are entitled to compensation regardless of whether the owner of the animal had reason to believe the dog was capable of attacking someone. 

The Hartman Law Firm Will Fight For Your Rights as a Victim of a Dog or Other Animal Attack

When you've been bitten or attacked by someone's dog contact your Charleston Dog Bite Injury Attorney

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