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About Frank Hartman
and The Hartman Law Firm, LLC

Early Life and Education

The Isle of Palm pier at sunset. Waves run up the sand as the sunset throw bright oranges and dark purples across the sky.

Frank Hartman is a local boy who returned to serve his hometown. Born at the Baptist Hospital in Columbia, SC, his family moved to the Isle of Palms when he was two years old.

Frank grew up on the Isle of Palms, attended Sullivan's Island Elementary School, and Porter-Gaud High School. He is a James F. Byrnes Scholar and an alumnus of the College of Charleston. He graduated from The Florida State University School of Law in 2006.

While he was still in his undergraduate program, Frank was a foreign exchange student. He attended the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Frank also studied at Oxford University, in England and Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands while in law school.

Frank is a well-traveled, well-educated attorney. He speaks Dutch and Spanish and has a working knowledge of Russian. This gives his legal practice a multicultural perspective. Frank has a sincere willingness to help everyone who walks through his doors.

Legal practice runs in the Hartman family history. For example, Frank's uncle Cotton Harness served the people of the Low Country for thirty years in Environmental Law. Cotton was a forerunner and advocate for mediation in South Carolina.

Frank's father, Pogo Hartman, practiced personal injury law in Columbia, SC.

Frank Hartman and The Hartman Law Firm, LLC

The bench of a courtroom in Charleston, SC. The wall behind the judges seats are white marble and a dark, solid-wood table sits before the judge's bench

Early in his career, Frank worked with a prominent local firm, before opening his own. He worked there for three years, and tripled the settlement results for his clients.

Frank learned that large plaintiff firms put their own bottom line above their clients's best interests. These firms settled cases on a case volume practice, instead of getting the best results possible. Frank saw this practice as profit over people.

Insurance companies are know the reputation of large firms to settle cases for less than their values. They offer less compensation, knowing these claims are likely to settle anyway.

Today, Frank is a well-respected and successful attorney in South Carolina. He is a member of the Charleston Bar Association, South Carolina Bar Association, American Bar Association, and The South Carolina Association for Justice.

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Frank also supports several organizations that provide help to those in need of legal representation. These organizations include:

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Legal Practice and a History of Success in Personal Injury Representation


The Florida State University College of Law courtyard overlooking the colleges name=plate placard and a beautiful fountain.

J.D., The Florida State School of Law (2006)

Erasmus University of Rotterdam (2005)

Oxford University, England (2005)

B.A., College of Charleston (2000)

The University of Groningen, The Netherlands (1998-1999)

Porter-Gaud High School (1995)

Bar Admissions

South Carolina Bar (2007)


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