If another person causes an accident and you suffer serious injuries, you may require a significant amount of medical treatment to recover fully. The law gives you the right to request compensation for your medical costs and other losses from the responsible party. However, the value of such medical costs can vary widely from case to case. The following are some common medical expenses incurred by personal injury victims:

    • Emergency treatment – Many injuries require immediate attention, especially if they are life-threatening or have the potential to result in long-term problems. Accident victims want to ensure their injuries are properly stabilized and doctors can work to prevent complications. The cost of emergency care will depend on several factors, including whether you needed an ambulance ride, the diagnostic tests required, and other treatments you received.
    • Hospitalization – Many people require a hospital stay for continued monitoring and stabilization of their injuries. Even a relatively short hospitalization can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and these costs can be higher if you require time in an intensive care unit (ICU).
    • Surgeries – If you require a surgical procedure to help you recover from your injuries, the cost will depend on the type of procedure you need. For example, surgery to repair a single tendon will likely cost less than surgery on your brain to help relieve intracranial pressure after a traumatic brain injury. However, almost any surgical procedure will cost at least several thousand dollars.
    • Therapy – After an injury, many people require a period of physical, occupational, or other rehabilitative therapy. Such therapy can last for weeks or even months, and the costs can add up quickly.
    • Other expenses – If an injury causes pain or impairment, it is likely you will require medications and/or medical equipment to assist you. Accident victims with permanently disabling injuries may require expensive electric wheelchairs and other equipment in order to get around and perform everyday activities.
    • The inability to work – If you are hurt and are bedridden or medicated to the point you can not perform work duties, this is going to hit your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Many times, the bills just do not fade away but build up and additional costs are tacked on as well.
    • Time from loved ones – You can’t get time back. Missing out on important functions of life may not have a monetary value but there is the emotional value.

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