A rollover accident that occurred near the Interstate 77 and Interstate 64 split in Charleston left the southbound lanes closed and sent one woman to the hospital, according to a report published by WSAZ 3. The incident occurred on April 28 and involved only a single vehicle, which completely rolled over onto its roof.

Rollover accidents are among the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents, as they often result in extremely serious injuries. Thankfully for people who are involved in rollovers, South Carolina law entitles people who are injured in accidents caused by the negligence or recklessness of others to recover compensation for their injuries.

A Single-Vehicle Accident Is Not Always the Driver’s Fault

In the incident described above, it may seem like there is little chance the accident in which the woman was involved was anyone’s fault but her own, as there was only one vehicle involved. While it is understandable to think that, there are many ways a single-vehicle rollover could have been caused by someone other than the person driving the vehicle. Some common causes of vehicle rollovers that are attributable to people other than the driver of the vehicle include the following:

  • Design or manufacturing defects that make the vehicle inherently unstable
  • Defective tires or suspensions
  • Negligently performed maintenance
  • Poorly designed or maintained roads
  • Inadequate warnings regarding upcoming road hazards

In many cases, the fact that a rollover was caused by someone other than the driver is not readily apparent to the untrained eye, making it extremely important for victims to have their case reviewed by an attorney as soon as possible.

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