We have all sustained some type of accidental injury at some point in our lives. Relatively minor injuries may mean a quick trip to the doctor or to the emergency department and then you can go about your life. However, some types of personal injury can bring your entire life as you know it to a screeching halt. In some cases, the lives of injury victims are never the same. The following are only some ways that a serious personal injury can change your life.

  • Permanent disability – A number of injuries from falls, car accidents, and other unexpected events can cause catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI). When these injuries are severe, they can easily cause a number of permanent impairments that significantly affect a person’s abilities to move around and participate in certain activities or tasks. For example, a severe TBI can cause cognitive disabilities that make it difficult for a person to speak, follow instructions, or to communicate with others as they once did. Complete spinal cord injuries can cause total paralysis and loss of function below the point of the injury.
  • Disfigurement – Some injuries can change they way a person looks forever, which can have a substantial effect on their psychological well-being, as well as their social interactions and relationships. For instance, a 3rd-degree burn leaves permanent scarring, often even after several reconstructive surgeries. Amputations can also leave a person without a treasured part of their body and they will have to relearn even the most basic of tasks.
  • Mental effects – Severe injuries can cause constant and intense pain in victims. Pain medications may help but can also have other effects on users that can inhibit their abilities. Dealing with pain as well as the limitations caused by injuries and the changes in their lives can take a toll on the mental state of personal injury victims.


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