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Charleston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

What Should You Do after a Pedestrian Accident in Charleston?

A pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle is a traumatic experience, even if your injuries are minor. As a person on foot, a collision with a car has the potential to cause extremely serious bodily injury, and even a near miss can leave you shaken ...

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Charleston Truck Accident Attorney

Charleston Truck Accident FAQ

What Causes Truck Accidents? Truck accidents can happen for the same reasons that “regular” car accidents do, as well as some that typically do not exist in collisions involving passenger vehicles or motorcycles. For example, while truck accidents can be the result of speeding, distracted ...

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South Carolina Truck Accident Attorney

Large Commercial Trucks Pose a Significant Risk of Serious Injury

If you have driven in the Charleston area you have undoubtedly seen them: large commercial vehicles barreling down the road at highway speeds. These vehicles can be semi-trucks, tankers, or any other form of vehicle, but they all share one thing in common: when they ...

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Charleston Car Accident Lawyer

Single-Vehicle Rollover Accident in Charleston Sends Woman to Hospital

A rollover accident that occurred near the Interstate 77 and Interstate 64 split in Charleston left the southbound lanes closed and sent one woman to the hospital, according to a report published by WSAZ 3. The incident occurred on April 28 and involved only a ...

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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer

May Is a Good Time to Review Pool Safety Guidelines

With May finally here and the summer months around the corner, many people in the Charleston area are looking forward to spending time with friends and family eak from the heat at the pool. It is important to keep in mind that going to the ...

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